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One childhood memory that will forever be ingrained in my mind is being a pre-teen during a summer visit to Florida.

My aunt at the time set me up in her master bathroom. Her jacuzzi tub and all of the bath amenities sat upon it. She told me to use whatever I wanted. She even urged me to light the scented candles that dotted the tub's perimeter.

Tickled pink as I was, I was also deeply honored, recalling the emotions of feeling special enough to be granted such a privilege. Sure, I’d taken baths before that day, but have I…

There’s something fishy going on here, and it’s the way that Vagisil is marketing its product line to teenage girls.

Vagisil is a popular and well-known feminine hygiene line that promotes “clean vaginas” with its laundry list of items such as wipes, cleansers, and creams. If that weren’t bad enough, now the multi-million dollar company, which is owned by Combe, has wormed its way into teenage girls’ minds with the belief that their vagina needs to be clean.

The OMV! Vagisil line strictly promotes intimate care for the younger generation — even going as far as saying that their “period…

Why not talking about salary is hindering us all from being our best.

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I made a whoopsie a few weeks ago. Or did I?

At first, I totally believed that I was out of line, and with high anxiety surging through my veins, I shut down my computer and went to sleep. Feelings of foolishness and shame washed over me as I replayed the digital conversation over and over in my head. The worst of my anxiety took over believing that I was unprofessional.

For days I mulled over that conversation, even revisiting the message where every time I felt like warm goo was settling deep in the pit of my stomach.

Illinois is the newest state to pass a bill allowing students to be absent from school due to mental or behavioral health reasons.

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Illinois has revealed that starting in January 2022, students will be given five excused mental health breaks a year. The bill states that students who decide to take a mental health day will not be required to provide a doctor’s note and will be able to make up any work that was missed. Illinois joins states such as Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and Virginia that have passed similar bills in allowing students to have mental health days.

Illinois State Representative Barbara Hernandez expressed to the Journal-Courier how important this new bill is for the students of her state.

Unapologetic about being a hot mess

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Do I roll up to school drop off with a towel on my head? Yes, why yes I do. Do I care that I’m most likely being judged about it? Nope. I sure don’t.

Do I forget to pack my son a snack somedays? I do. Am I afraid that the teacher will think I neglect my kid? I’m not afraid.

Do I scold my kid in the WalMart parking lot because he won’t stop whining about not being able to have the coolest, newest toys on the shelf? I sure do. And do I care that the judgey lady…

Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself.

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It’s not easy raising boys.

What I really mean by this is that it’s not easy raising boys in a society where males still need to be perceived as tough; where it’s not socially acceptable for a little boy to play with a baby doll or to show emotion.

If you’re a boy mom, you most likely want your little boy to grow into an empathetic, understanding young man, so how exactly can you make that happen?

Is it possible that males simply lack empathy?

Scientifically, males are perceived as less empathetic than females. It’s not really a surprise as gender roles have shown us how women are…

I had postpartum depression, and this is what I want you to know.

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“I think I have postpartum depression.”

It felt ugly to say that out loud; like somehow, I wasn’t a real mom if I admitted that I was suffering from a common maternal mental health illness. As if the years of my depression, including during my second pregnancy, didn’t make me a prime candidate for the illness.

Nope. It still felt gross. Shame engulfed me and no matter how hard I tried, the thoughts of being a terrible person weren’t easy to shake away. …

Learning how to be a badass from some of the best

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These friendships have fed my soul.

I was 19 when I learned a valuable life lesson. I bonded way better with older people. Working at a chain retail store, I found myself swimming in a sea of people who were just like me — young, broke, with no idea of where the hell the next day would take us. But then I found myself soon bonding with the older generation; co-workers who were my mother & grandmother’s age. These were more my people.

It stayed that way well after I left that retail store. I’d moved around and would always…

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Not this asshole again.

What we watching this morning, Rico? Jimmy Kimmel or Joe Rogan?

Same shit, different day.

Easy on the street tacos, Larry.

I didn’t sign up for this shit. At best I wanted to clean vaginas, not your poopy dingleberries from your overly large anus.

In my next life, I better be a garden hose.

Shit or get off the pot. No, really. Reader’s Digest said that straining too long on the toilet causes hemorrhoids and…

Can you clean me sometimes?? I’d be happy with a quick Lysol wipedown. JUST ANYTHING.

Mama told me there’d be days…

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Feeling a little “off” lately? No need to fret! Improving your life is as simple as eating an apple a day. But just in case you hate apples or I don’t know, want to be a pain in the ass and be difficult, here are 15 free things you can do to improve your life.

15. Ask for my opinion.

I’m not a licensed therapist but I can see from here how you’re royally fucking up your life. Ask for my opinion on what to do with your sad love life or why you should ditch that mooching best friend.

14. Put your fucking cart back.

Shopping cart or buggy —…

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Normalizing mental health and mom jeans. I like to write about humor, satire, mental health, and whatever else pops into my noggin. Freelance content creator.

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